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Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

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Ok, I’m on the hunt. I’m going to have to replace my kitchen cabinets over the winter months and I don’t have a lot of extra cash. Here’s what I’ve done to help me make cheap kitchen cabinets.

Planning – Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

I would recommend that you go to the IKEA site and look for their cabinet placement software. It’s the right price. Free! Also, if you want to get quite cheap kitchen cabinet hardware and doors, I believe that IKEA is the place. I was looking at this year’s line of doors and they look quite good.

Use the IKEA software to save yourself money by virtually placing your cabinets before you lift a real finger. I was able to use IKEA’s ideas to rearrange my cabinets for better placement and I was able to increase the usuable counter space without spending anything but a little time.

Building – Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Take a look at my main site that talks about building kitchen cabinets. I begin to talk about a great tool to build kitchen cabinets. I’m pretty sure that about 30% of the costs sits in cheap chipboard cabinet boxes. I’m going to use the IKEA measurements to build the cabinets and save the material costs for the hard or impossible parts to make like the doors or hardware.

Next comes the pricing of the parts that I need to purchase. Like the knobs, handles, hinges and cabinet drawers and gadgets. Here is a place that we can definitely shop around. For example, for the hidden hinges on the cabinet doors, I saw prices ranging from about two dollars per hinge to about eight dollars. Quality was about the same for both. Also, for handles, pricing can vary greatly.

The one caution here is make sure you know the proper dimensions for all components. It is possible to choose handles, let’s say, that are the wrong hole pattern for the mounting screws.

Know What You Need

It’s very easy to go overboard on the internal cabinet gadgets. Have a good idea of what you want and plan it out. Do your sums on the costs before you lift a finger to purchase anything. When it comes to kitchen’s, it’s very easy for a budget to creep up quickly.

Over the next month or so, I’ll be performing price checks on different cheap kitchen cabinets sources and I’ll be posting more information as I find it. Please feel free to comment on this article or sources that you’ve found that provides great pricing for kitchen cabinets!