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Bamboo Cabinets

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If you’re looking for materials that can serve as substitute to your plastic cabinets or any other type of storage, consider bamboo cabinets as your best alternative.

Although bamboo is a grass and not a wood, it’s a sturdy and highly sustainable resource that is as good as any traditional wood used for carpentry and furniture-making business. What makes bamboo one of the top picks when it comes to furniture is the fact that it’s highly sustainable and renewable. The plant can easily grow and less than a decade or even sooner in contrast to hardwood trees that goes beyond a decade to mature and harvest for lumber.

So long as the bamboo plant is properly handled, bamboo cabinets would be your best option of you like displaying a green cabinet in your house. Aside from this, there are countless reasons why you should choose a bamboo cabinet and here are some of them:

  • A bamboo cabinet is appreciated for its sturdiness and hardness making bamboos a great material for flooring, frames, and cabinets.
  • Diverse bamboo grain orientation provides alternative bamboo cabinet styles without compromising the quality of the material used. Bamboos can be cut into strips and laminated to form planks and board. They can either be vertical grain or horizontal grain based on how these strips are connected or glued together. Some wants it stacked like dominoes placed side by side with the white part of the bamboo facing up.

Aside from these features, there are essential information that you should take into consideration when choosing bamboo cabinets. Make sure that you put quality on your priority list and especially highlight durability. You may not want to put your piece of furniture into waste in just a few years.

When you’re hiring someone to make you a bamboo cabinet, pick a manufacturer that uses low or zero formaldehyde bamboo because bamboo panels are generally structured using adhesives. Some clients who wish to assemble pieces of bamboo cutes themselves will find it convenient if they purchase custom or ready-to-assemble bamboo cabinets.

Since most homemakers are going green, you might as well check the "green-ness" of your bamboo cabinet by using low volatile organize compounds and low or zero formaldehyde for a healthier indoor environment. Despite the fact that a bamboo is a renewable material, making sure that the finishes are all environment-friendly adds up to the ecological impact of bamboo cabinets.

It is not rare to find bamboo from local cabinet makers. True enough, not everyone in the neighborhood has a bamboo cabinet but local manufacturers certainly has one or more types of bamboo cabinets. You search for furniture companies online and inquire of the availability of bamboo materials. Start with your bamboo cabinets now and see why your house deserve such a piece of furniture.

Lista Cabinets

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When looking for quality and craft workmanship, you would look no further if you take a look at Lista cabinets. Whether you are looking for modular storage cabinets, industrial workbenches or specialty cabinetry such as workplace computer cabinets, Lista cabinets has you covered.

One of the wonderful qualities of the Lista line is the modular concept built around just about every cabinet they build. I was astonished when looking at their overall product line, that cabinet functionality that were incompatible to one another looked great together.

I’m sure you’d be able to give these cabinets a good workout too. They look very industrial and seem to promise many years of service. To their sturdy looks, they also provide industrial work surfaces such as a laminate surface or a full wood surface.

I was also very interested in the fact that I could build my own industrial or technical workbench. With this form of flexibility, Lista cabinets create a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to actual use of the cabinets.

Many large companies have also recognized the quality built into Lista cabinets. Two well known companies that use these manufacturer’s cabinets are Harley-Davidson Motor Co and Mercedes Benz. Very impressive customers. If the customers are anything like their cabinet builder, Lista must be a well thought out and organized company.

From the selection of standard modular storage cabinets, you will normally find the cabinets at a standard 28 1/4” width by 28 1/2” deep. The only exception is the wide model of storage cabinet that is 56 1/2” wide. But nicely enough, this wide model fits well as it is twice the width of the standard cabinets. Thus, it will fit two standard width cabinets.

When reviewing the mobile cabinets by Lista, there is much flexibility in size and shape. But nicely enough, the rollers attached to the mobile units show the signs of long life. They have reduced in the taller units the width on the mobile cabinets to provide stability in day to day use.

Where I’ve had particular interest is the workplace computer cabinets. Their size is appropriate for most locals and plus provide plenty of protection of critical computer systems within industrial environments.

In reviewing Lista cabinets, I’ve noticed reliability in many areas. From the construction of the cabinets, to the overall feel, they are well designed and constructed. Some of their key clients also support the overall sentiment of quality. I don’t think you’ll go wrong if you choose Lista cabinets for your workshop, business or specialty need.