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Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

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Get the kitchen furniture that you’re always wish to have- a clean, appealing, unique, and well-structured piece that can be your alternative for a cabinet, countertop, or even a cutting board. Traditional hardwood materials such as poplar, maple, and oak have long gained popularity when it comes to making furniture but there’s the best alternative suitable for your kitchen needs:  bamboo kitchen cabinets.

Aside from the structural integrity and appealing design bamboo kitchen cabinets have, homeowners can pursue an environment-friendly atmosphere with a bamboo furniture. This material is highly renewable that can grow and mature in less than a decade compared to hardwood. Bring the outdoor beauty of nature into the interiors of you house and recreate your kitchen space with the sophisticated look that bamboo kitchen cabinets can offer.

While a bamboo stays below any hardwood material in terms of popularity, the list of homemakers approving of bamboo kitchen cabinets is consistently growing. It is not hard to reason for this trend. Bamboo kitchen cabinets are relatively more durable than hardwood. Bamboos are said to be 15% stronger than maple and 25% sturdier than oak.

Just like any other pieces of furniture, color is always an important feature when choosing one. This is one of the major advantages of using bamboo for your kitchen. It can give you it’s natural color including yellow, dark amber, light and dark green, gray, and black.

You may opt to have the natural hues or neutral blond colors depending on your lighting and interior motif. Styling is not a problem when using bamboo kitchen cabinets since you can have them using the edge or vertical grain. You can pair your bamboo kitchen cabinet with other pieces of furniture such as a bamboo countertop or even a bamboo chopping board.